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The question arises to every photographer, “What type of camera do you use?” First let me say that equipment is not as important as the photographer’s eye. I started photography back in the age of film. I answered this question by saying that I have seen amazing work done with a cheap Kodak 110 camera and some really crappy work done with an expensive Nikon F3. That said, let’s talk equipment.

I use a broad spectrum of equipment. I use both digital and film cameras. For digital I use my Canon 20D SLR, Fujifilm X-E2 mirrorless, and an Olympus Tough TG-2, which is a point-and-shoot. I know the Canon is old but it still takes great pictures so I have no reason to get rid of it. The Canon and the Fujifilm are both considered pro cameras but each fills a different niche in my photography. The Fujifilm is an excellent camera but I would not use it shooting an air show. The Canon shines in this capacity. For a quick picture without all the flummery of the pro cameras, the Olympus is great.

For film I have my big 3: Mamiya C220 6X6 format, Crown Graphic 4X5 format (the original press camera along with the Speed Graphic) and the Toyo monorail 4X5 format. These are medium and large format cameras that demand thought and deliberate action. There is no jumping out of the car, grab a quick shot, and then ride off into the sunset.

This is the equipment I use. I don’t feel that I have to rush out and buy a new camera because the manufacturer has come out with a new model. In fact, from time to time, I will even take out one of the cameras from my collection of old cameras and use it. It could be the Agfa Traveler from the 1920’s or a Zeiss Ikon from the 1950’s. Both use roll film but there are differences between the cameras. The Traveler has a fixed shutter speed and aperture. It also has a lens that is not color corrected; therefore you can end up with a color shift in the print. The Ikon has a color corrected lens and has adjustable shutter speeds and apertures. They both use 120 film and do get stares from the public. But these cameras really challenge your abilities.

Finally, where do I get most of my equipment?  I use B&H Photo Video in New York.  While I do order online, I have been to the store three times while in NYC,  All three times they had no problem parting me from my money as I left with film and equipment.  The staff in the store are extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  They have yet to steer me wrong.

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