A Funny Thing Happened at the Greek Food Festival

Ah yes! The Labor Day Weekend heralds the official end of summer. In Sacramento it also means that Gold Rush Days will be going on in Old Sacramento and the Greek Food Festival will be going on at the Convention Center. Yes, you can go from 1800’s shoot-outs to eating great Greek food in about 10 minutes. Gold Rush Days is a yearly event with several sponsors.  The Greek Food Festival is put on every year by the Greek Orthodox Church of Sacramento.

We got together with a friend and his wife (and child) to go to the Gold Rush Days on the Saturday. His wife is from the Philippines so what screams Americana more (and introduces her to our local history) than cowboy shootouts and the Wild West? She got a kick out of the festivities. Then we decided to go to the Greek Food Festival to enjoy Greek food and watch Greek dancing. After all, it is just 10 minutes away.

Now I understand that convention centers, fairgrounds and the like will schedule two events on the same day. After all, there is a ton of room. I have even seen some very well matched events scheduled together. The one that comes to my mind took place at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. In this venue they scheduled a tattoo expo and a beer fest over the same weekend. I mean, they go together like bread and butter. Let’s go get rip-snorting drunk then get a tattoo. This was NOT the case in Sacramento. We did not know that another event was scheduled at the Convention Center along with the Greek Food Festival. When we pulled up to the Convention Center, we were greeted by, well, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

DSCF0394DSCF0396cosplay1Yes, the Sacramento Anime Convention was also being held at the Convention Center.

DSCF0395DSCF0391DSCF0398DSCF0399doeAnd, of course, these folks needed to eat too. What better place than the Greek Food Festival going on right there?

DSCF0410And this doe gladly posed for pictures with the patrons.

Needless to say, my friend’s wife was just wide-eyed and amused at what she saw. Welcome to America.

Because I was with a group, I could not attend the Anime Convention. I would have liked to because of all the photo ops that are there. The attendees of these conventions are as passionate about their art as say, a historical reenactor. Believe me, it is art when you consider the time and effort put into each costume and persona. I am already marking my calendar for next year’s convention. By the way, does anyone know who the doe is?

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