The Move

Somebody may have noticed that I have not posted in over a year.  This is not due to lack of interest on my part in presenting my work. It is due to a more mundane, or so I thought, reason.  Plain Vision Photography has moved from California to Nevada.  But the move was not without pain.

Those who watch HGTV have seen the series “House Hunters.”  For those of you who have not seen it, it is a show about people looking for a new place to live.  The clients go through three proposed houses, pick one, and a month or two later the show returns to update you on how the clients are doing in their new digs.  It is neat, tidy and quick. Our move was nothing like this. 

From the time we put the old homestead up for sale until we sold it and moved took 5 months.  We first had to find a realtor to sell our place.  Fortunately we knew someone who knew a good realtor.  We also had to find a place to move to.  This required we find a realtor in the area we planned to move to.  That accomplished, let the search begin!

During that 5 month period, we made trips to the area we wanted to move to up in the Sierras and did not find anything we wanted.  We had to cast a wider net.  This required finding another realtor that specialized in the new area we were looking at.  To complicate things, the old homestead hung like an albatross around our necks.  Why?  Because we could not move forward on a firm offer for a new place until the old place was sold.  To make matters worse, we closed the sale of our home the beginning of January.  Winter had arrived! 

The winter of 2018-2019 was a bad one.  The Sierras received record snow and the passes through the mountains were closed.  We had nowhere to go except to a parent’s house until we could find a place.  We had to play millennials, living in the basement, until the weather cleared up.  Once we found a place, we had to have it inspected.  This is standard on any home sale.  The inspection found problems that the seller needed to fix.  It wasn’t until June that we moved into a hotel in Nevada to finish the necessary paperwork to buy the new homestead.  Finally, we got to move in, albeit without furniture, the middle of July.  It wasn’t until the middle of August, after new carpets were installed and new paint, that the movers could deliver our household goods.  Now began the arduous task of unpacking and putting away everything.  That took until November to get 90% of the stuff unpacked.  Now the holidays are upon us! 

Work stops on finishing up the unpacking until the holidays are over.  After all, there is a lot to do to set up for the season.  But at least I have access to a computer to restart posting.

So, if you plan on moving and you own your present home, be in it for the long haul.  It is not for the faint of heart.  There will be plenty of bumps in the road.  But, in the long run, it is well worth the pain.  So, hears to a new year with a new environment to explore.

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